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healthy skin for a happy life

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The official source for organic, safe, and natural cosmetics

Ditch the chemicals and carcinogens from your daily routine. Our advanced, environmentally friendly formulas will highlight your inner natural beauty — leaving you looking and feeling healthy & gorgeous.

Ditch the synthetics

pick fresh instead

Supplement skin and hair

Some vitamins and minerals in your diet never make it to your skin, so we created a nutritious boost to feed skin and hair what it’s missing.


We Use

Nature-Made Soap

We use a natural, gentle soap made from coconuts and corn starch that cleans without stripping.

Powerful Herbal Powders

We pack every product with nutrient rich, free radical fighting antioxidants and vitamins.

Essential Oils

Each oil provides its own nutritious boost and scent, just like the plants they come from.

Fresh Tasty Ingredients

Raw honey, freshly squeezed lemons, organic sugar and many more nourishing ingredients await.

We Never Use

Irritating Sulfates

Itchy skin? Dry hair? Commercial beauty products use harsh artificial detergents that irritate skin and damage hair.

Lather Boosters And Dyes

Like smoke and mirrors, these synthetics look good but hide toxins and carcinogens.

Artificial Fragrances

These irritating blends of neurotoxic chemicals are known to cause headaches and allergies.

Parabens And Formaldehyde

We’re not being embalmed; we don’t need to use dangerous endocrine disrupting preservatives as though we are.

The skin is your largest organ

treat it well

A Mindful Balance

It’s our goal to give you the highest quality natural products to feed your skin in a consciously responsible way. When your skin’s healthy and your hair looks good, you’re happy — that’s healthy skin for a happy life.






Made by passionate people

We are the crafters, scientists, designers, and artisans who create your Renovo experience. Our company is a product of research and a labor of love to give you the softest skin, the healthiest hair, and a cleaner conscience.

Embrace Better Hair Days

as easy as 1, 2, 3


Natural Hair Care Kickoff Kit

by Healthy Skin for a Happy Life

  • New to Renovo? This is a must have! As a new user, this is the only way to experience all of the benefits of our revolutionary XYZ system and discover your personalized hair care routine. We’re taking all of the guesswork out of getting your healthiest hair.

    • 4 oz. Natural Basil Honey Lemongrass Cleansing Detox Shampoo Y1
    • 4 oz. Natural Cinnamon Oatmeal Molasses Moisturizing Shampoo X1
    • 4 oz. Natural Eucalyptus Spearmint Leave-In Conditioner X1
    • 4 oz. Natural Quinoa Blood Orange Repairing Protein Conditioner Z1
    • Renovo XYZ Handbook

Look good for a greener future

Beauty as nature intended


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